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CSA Cassoulet



Our first Community Sustainable Agriculture pick up from Erehwon Farm took place Wednesday.  As I mentioned before, we are sharing with another couple, Laura and Jim.  The quantity the first week was a little light.  Not too surprising, since the month of July began with drought and 90+ heat, followed by torrential rain and flooding.  Anyway, John […]

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The Strange Case of Percy Schmeiser, by Steven L. Hopp



Steven L. Hopp wrote the article below.  It is part of Chapter Three, Springing Forward, in Barbara Kingsolver’s book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  You really should read the chapter in its entirety.  It’s about the beauty of heirloom seeds and open pollination… but this story by Mr. Hopp really got to me.  I think the subject needs our attention: In 1999, a quiet, middle-aged farmer […]

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