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Fresh from the Garden



The abundant rainfall (6.5″ at our house in 5 days) has everything green and growing at twice the normal rate.  My corn is 4′ high, no tassels yet.  The tomato plants are waist-high and covered in blooms and small fruit.  I started them from seed in April, so the early, prolific production surprised me.  Okra […]

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The Flaming Fury of Windy Acres


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I will tell you right up front that Flaming Fury is a peach.  The best peach I have eaten in 20 years in Illinois, the best peach I have ever tasted north of South Carolina.  Two Sundays ago, I had an appointment at Windy Acres Farm in Geneva, Illinois.  Windy Acres is an emerald gem of a […]

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CSA Cassoulet



Our first Community Sustainable Agriculture pick up from Erehwon Farm took place Wednesday.  As I mentioned before, we are sharing with another couple, Laura and Jim.  The quantity the first week was a little light.  Not too surprising, since the month of July began with drought and 90+ heat, followed by torrential rain and flooding.  Anyway, John […]

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