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The Pear Thief



We had a visitor this week.  I was making supper and John was watching TV.  Our cat Amos was lounging on his perch in the picture window.  Suddenly Amos sprang to his feet, hyper-alert.  John looked out the window and saw a black bear!  The bear was good-sized; he sauntered by the front porch, sniffed […]

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The Flaming Fury of Windy Acres


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I will tell you right up front that Flaming Fury is a peach.  The best peach I have eaten in 20 years in Illinois, the best peach I have ever tasted north of South Carolina.  Two Sundays ago, I had an appointment at Windy Acres Farm in Geneva, Illinois.  Windy Acres is an emerald gem of a […]

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