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I did this painting this past week. It is 12″ x 24″ and I am auctioning it off to support the Madison County Arts Council. I will donate 50% of the proceeds to the Arts Council, in support of Appalachian music and crafts. As of this moment, the price is $35.00. If you’d like to […]

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Madison County Fiddlers



Some day I will learn not to blog on my I-Pad, because I do silly things like click on “post” before I have written anything. I was trying to tell you all about a terrific fundraiser at the Madison County Arts Center in Marshall, N.C. on Saturday night.  We saw some of the best fiddlers […]

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About That Christmas List


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I did NOT GET ONE SINGLE ANIMAL for Christmas. Not one pig, cow, goat, or sheep. What up? (I did not want a sheep, so that was fine.) Otherwise, what up? No one had $800 lying around to buy me an impractical pet??? I guess this means I will save a boatload of money on […]

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