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October’s Soiree



Each autumn, a wonderful group of people come together to support the Madison County Arts Council.  The Madison County Arts Council in turn supports the past, present and future of traditional mountain music. Pat Franklin opens her lovely home and property to an appreciative crowd and holds a proper Soiree.  The setting is so perfect; the […]

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Madison County Fiddlers



Some day I will learn not to blog on my I-Pad, because I do silly things like click on “post” before I have written anything. I was trying to tell you all about a terrific fundraiser at the Madison County Arts Center in Marshall, N.C. on Saturday night.  We saw some of the best fiddlers […]

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Cake Walk!



Tonight John and I went to my sister Dana’s house for dinner before attending a concert.  Mom and Dad brought Luella’s BBQ from Asheville.  Our friend’s daughter Kate was there, as well as my sister-in-law Cindy.  We had a glass of wine and ate, then some of us went out to The Depot in Marshall, […]

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About That Christmas List


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I did NOT GET ONE SINGLE ANIMAL for Christmas. Not one pig, cow, goat, or sheep. What up? (I did not want a sheep, so that was fine.) Otherwise, what up? No one had $800 lying around to buy me an impractical pet??? I guess this means I will save a boatload of money on […]

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