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Kinnikinnick Farm Slideshow



I finally had the opportunity to stop at Kinnikinnick Farm on a glorious summer day!  The last time I visited, the snow was blowing sideways in a 30 m.p.h. wind, so driving up the road to the farm under a brilliant blue sky and puffy white clouds was a treat.  In case this is your first […]

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Seven Hundred Miles on Saturdays



Barbara Kingsolver got me out of my local chain grocery, into the Guzzler, and out to the farms.  I thank her mentally for writing Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I thank my Mom and sister for telling me to read the book.  The narrative covers a year in the life of Kingsolver’s family, once they chose to move from the drought of […]

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Kinnikinnick Farm



The more I visit small farms, the more I am impressed by the keen intellect and creativity of the folks who follow a dream and farm.  Besides (or in addition to) a desire to interact with nature on a molecular level, I have noticed farmers I have met have an eye for color, an appreciation […]

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