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About That Christmas List


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I did NOT GET ONE SINGLE ANIMAL for Christmas. Not one pig, cow, goat, or sheep. What up? (I did not want a sheep, so that was fine.) Otherwise, what up? No one had $800 lying around to buy me an impractical pet??? I guess this means I will save a boatload of money on […]

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Snippets of time, little blessings, fond memories, heartaches… All things experienced at new or different levels this holiday season. I feel hyper-alert, jumpy, and oddly enough, grateful. Trying to balance the joy of Christmas with my family (after two decades in another state) with the gaping hole right in front of us all. Christmas this […]

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On the 12th of November we drove straight through from St. Chuck, IL, to Alexander, N.C.   I had the cats in my vehicle and followed John in his blissfully cat-free truck.  Amos and Rascal meowed from an hour west of Chicago to an hour south of Indianapolis, despite the liberal use of a kitty-calming cheek pheromone spray.  (For […]

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