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Goat Song, by Brad Kessler



I finished reading this book today, and have 6 things to say as a result: 1.  Go buy or borrow Goat Song, even if you don’t desire goat herding as  a career.  It’s well written: literature, history, cooking, poetry, humor, and pastoral living all rolled into one.  2.  A goat book made me tear up on three occasions.  Things that […]

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Raw Goat Milk, Please?



This morning, I’ve been surfing the internet to find raw goat milk for sale.  I want to try making my own chevre and mozzarella cheeses.  It turns out it is legal to sell raw goat milk from a farm in Illinois, but not legal to advertise it.  Hunh?  Time to gas up the Guzzler and start driving around to goat farms, […]

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Seven Hundred Miles on Saturdays



Barbara Kingsolver got me out of my local chain grocery, into the Guzzler, and out to the farms.  I thank her mentally for writing Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I thank my Mom and sister for telling me to read the book.  The narrative covers a year in the life of Kingsolver’s family, once they chose to move from the drought of […]

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Get Your Goat



Is the name of the class I attended yesterday at the Angelic Organics Learning Center in Caledonia, Illinois.  There is so much going on out there!  I encourage you to click on the Angelic Organics link to the right and explore this wonderful farm.  You may become a shareholder in the spring and have fresh […]

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