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Spa Day at the Flying L Farm



Clockwise from top:  Sweet Pea, Snapdragon, Poe, and Clara Barton. Like I say, they’re getting along pretty well.  The girls were happy to roll in last  year’s mulch and freshly scratched dirt in the warm sun today.  They had chopped pear and strawberry and banana for a treat, and I cleaned the coop and changed […]

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I may have to go all steam-of-consciousness for a while…



That is about all I have time to do – stream of consciousness. I have not lost interest in local farms. In fact, I may be living in the highest concentration of them in the eastern half of the country. I am more interested than ever! But a wee break is in order… I hope […]

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Seven Hundred Miles on Saturdays



Barbara Kingsolver got me out of my local chain grocery, into the Guzzler, and out to the farms.  I thank her mentally for writing Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I thank my Mom and sister for telling me to read the book.  The narrative covers a year in the life of Kingsolver’s family, once they chose to move from the drought of […]

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Erehwon Farm, CSA



It’s official.  I am a CSA member.  Yahoo!  For the newbies, CSA means Community Sustainable Agriculture.  In a CSA program, one buys a share in the crops at a local farm.  Once per week you pick up a half to three-quarters of a bushel of local fruits and vegetables.  My friend Laura offered to split the payment and the bounty with me.   Now we […]

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Dinner for 14… on the farm



A couple of Saturday nights ago, 12 friends joined me and John for dinner and McEachran Homestead.  We arrived within a few minutes of each other, despite coming from all directions.  The late afternoon air was humid, but breezy and bright.  Finally, a gorgeous day on a farm!   I have said it before and I will say it again: McEachran […]

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Norton’s Produce



Last Thursday I stopped by Norton’s Produce at 39W369 Illinois Route 64 in Saint Charles.  I had visited Norton’s as a customer in the past, most recently over Memorial Day weekend.  It was then that I chatted with Benn Norton and invited myself over for an interview and photos.  Benn kindly obliged.  I drove like a maniac from the […]

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The Bounty of Kane County



This is a list of the Farmer’s Markets in Kane County with locations and days they are open.  I got it from a web site called “The Bounty of Kane County” and the link is above right.  Click on the link to see a list of retail farm operations that are open to the public.   […]

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Kinnikinnick Farm



The more I visit small farms, the more I am impressed by the keen intellect and creativity of the folks who follow a dream and farm.  Besides (or in addition to) a desire to interact with nature on a molecular level, I have noticed farmers I have met have an eye for color, an appreciation […]

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