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About That Christmas List


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I did NOT GET ONE SINGLE ANIMAL for Christmas. Not one pig, cow, goat, or sheep. What up? (I did not want a sheep, so that was fine.) Otherwise, what up? No one had $800 lying around to buy me an impractical pet??? I guess this means I will save a boatload of money on […]

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My Farmy Christmas List



My sister Dana and her husband Paul recently gave me “Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Pigs.” According to the marketing starburst thingy on its cover, this book is a guide to 163 breeds, COMMON AND RARE! I am very excited! Three hundred plus pages!! Remember when you were a kid and the […]

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Snippets of time, little blessings, fond memories, heartaches… All things experienced at new or different levels this holiday season. I feel hyper-alert, jumpy, and oddly enough, grateful. Trying to balance the joy of Christmas with my family (after two decades in another state) with the gaping hole right in front of us all. Christmas this […]

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas



Everywhere I goooooo… As a result, I have suggestions and ideas! I am planning to buy more, yet less, this holiday season. More local food, art, produce, and music; less mass-produced crap! Are you IN? Here are a few options: – Buy a tree for someone, even if it’s only 2 feet tall. Trees are […]

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