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Farmageddon, the Movie



I saw Farmageddon yesterday, the documentary by Kristin Canty.  What a pleasant surprise — Ms. Canty was there and took our questions.  She is one bright and reasonable human being and she had no idea what she was getting into by creating this film.  Following her path and stating her beliefs are probably straining her personal […]

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Goat Song, by Brad Kessler



I finished reading this book today, and have 6 things to say as a result: 1.  Go buy or borrow Goat Song, even if you don’t desire goat herding as  a career.  It’s well written: literature, history, cooking, poetry, humor, and pastoral living all rolled into one.  2.  A goat book made me tear up on three occasions.  Things that […]

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Raw Goat Milk, Please?



This morning, I’ve been surfing the internet to find raw goat milk for sale.  I want to try making my own chevre and mozzarella cheeses.  It turns out it is legal to sell raw goat milk from a farm in Illinois, but not legal to advertise it.  Hunh?  Time to gas up the Guzzler and start driving around to goat farms, […]

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