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My Farmy Christmas List



My sister Dana and her husband Paul recently gave me “Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Pigs.” According to the marketing starburst thingy on its cover, this book is a guide to 163 breeds, COMMON AND RARE! I am very excited! Three hundred plus pages!! Remember when you were a kid and the […]

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Quarter Circle Seven Ranch, Part Two



This is shaping up to be a three part article.  That’s a first for this blog.  I must be having fun and learning a lot.   We left off watching old Taco trotting away, his herd following at a decent clip.  (You’ll notice Herbie’s ears in the foreground of some of my pictures… the sure sign of a […]

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Quarter Circle Seven Ranch, Part One



I have too much to say about Quarter Circle Seven Ranch (also known as Q7 Ranch) to fit it into a single post, so this is Part One.  Labor Day came up all sunny and turquoise and breezy, a hint of chill in the air, cotton candy clouds whipping by.  I had a 2:30 p.m. appointment to visit Quarter Circle […]

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