About Mental Farmer

Evolution.  When I began writing this blog in 2010 the subject was local food and small farms.  I still like those and will write about them, but find myself wandering in new directions these days.

I live near Weaverville, North Carolina in a tiny town that has no center. My husband and I share 22 acres with a couple of cats and an assortment of wildlife.  I sell real estate for a job and I love it.

I am fairly liberal and believe caring for others is more important than being rich.  I do not like housework, mean people, or litterbugs.  I don’t really like football or video games or violent movies.  I like to write, paint, garden, hike, read, and socialize.  I am blessed with good friends, a sweet husband, a fire pit, close proximity to Asheville, and a lovely mountain view.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you’ll come back again.

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