Part One.  On Being Back.

And welcoming others. Hug their necks and tell them they need the first 5 rules:

1. Bless his (or her) heart. This simple phrase excuses all comments made about friends, family and acquaintances. It ABSOLVES you.

2. “The devil’s beating his wife.” This is how a southerner responds, gazing heavenward, if it’s raining and the sun is out. We don’t even know we do it. DO NOT TRY IT if you’re not from around here.

3. Ordering tea: Haf-n-haf please. This gets you a cold glass of tea, half sweetened and half un-. If your server asks “Sweetened or un, hon?” Say UN thank you. Or HAF N HAF thank you.

4. ALWAYS open the door for someone else and let them go first. ALWAYS.

5. Find something nice to say to everybody you meet. If you have to make it up make it sincere. It will change you over time.

Back soon.

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One Comment on “Part One.  On Being Back.”

  1. Bibi Bowman Says:

    🙂 I’m glad you’re writing!

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