A Little More Lucca

Our first couple of days in Lucca were spent wandering and lingering and learning the streets around our apartment in the south west cornerchocolate of town. So many shop windows caught my eye! The goods in all the shops were artfully arranged. The beans, the pasta, the wine, the meats, the cheeses, the clothes. Unfortunately the clothes in the shops in Lucca were not made to go around the American tummy. Probably for the best, I had to lie on top of my suitcase to close it on the cans of olive oil and spices as it was.

These gears and bolts and locks and wrenches were made from chocolate! They were too magnificent to eat. I don’t often say that about chocolate. Usually I consume it in quantity without hesitation.neck ties

We came upon this colorful display of silk ties in a men’s shop. If all neck ties looked this good, more folks would wear them. Everything in the shop was organized by color. It was beautiful.

Another shop hcured meatsad a display of cured meats, a staple of the Italian diet. Most are flavorful and fatty. I confess, I grew weary of them after a week or two. Lardo has nothing on thick cut bacon. (Probably why I have the aforementioned American tummy.)

Even the hardware store was well done. These doorknobs were on display in a window. Inside there was a wall of keys, a wall of hinges, a wall of tools. All organized just so.

fresh veggiesdoor knobs

One rainy day,my sister and I walked to the Saturday Market on the far side of Lucca. The produce was of course displayed in the most lovely way.

Lucca is vibrant and colorful and warm. A feast for the eyes!

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