State Dog?



State Dog Material

State Dog Material

Takoda here.  Most days I am allowed to go next door for a little while and play with my friend.  My friend is long-legged and skinny, a stray and he is young like me he is brindle stripey.  He stays with a man who does not want him but no one can catch him he is too fast.  The man feeds him but his other dogs get the food they are very big and strong.  He runs faster than me that is very super fast.  Mom and Dad thought he was a girl-dog Mom said “she” looked like my Uncle Robert and Aunt Karen’s dog Daisy, who is a Plott Hound, the state dog of North Carolina.  I want to the be state dog of North Carolina.  I am very handsome I should be the state dog.  Daisy lives in California so I do not understand why she is the state dog of North Carolina that does not make sense.  Vote for Takoda state dog!  My cousin Daisy is cute she can be state dog of California.

Daisy of CA

Daisy of CA

My friend is too skinny he does not get as much food as I do Mom said his hip bones make her sad.  Mom and Dad try to feed him but he is afraid of all people.  Sometimes Dad puts food on his driveway for him.   Mom calls my friend Daisy 2 she thought he was a girl until this week.  Mom has wanted to catch Daisy 2 and have her fixed so she won’t have puppies that nobody loves.  I don’t know why anybody would not want to love a puppy.  That is dumb, puppies are the best things ever just look at me I am a puppy everybody loves me.  Mom has tried to get a picture of Daisy 2 but he is too fast.

This week my Mom’s friend Elizabeth from San Diego came to visit I loved her.  San Diego is in California I wonder if she knows Daisy?  Elizabeth brought me a rope toy with bones I like it.  Mom and her friend Elizabeth took me for a walk to the river we saw my friend Daisy 2 and Mom said he has a pee-pee now he is a boy so we won’t have puppies that is good.  But Mom said she still wants to get Daisy 2 fixed so he won’t make puppies and she does not want me to make puppies.  I don’t know how to make puppies I don’t care we went to the river!  Mom made me stay on my leash but I got to run in the creek and I got to jump in the river I love cold water on my paws.  Then I jumped on Mom with wet paws and got her shirt and pants wet she said “Oh Takoda get down!”  I tried to jump on Elizabeth but Mom made my leash short Elizabeth said I am very good dog.  There was a man at the river he smiled he did not have many teeth I think his puppy teeth fell out I smelled him he smelled okay.  I loved Elizabeth she let me sleep next to her bed.  Mom and Dad sleep with cats I loved Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has a dog her name is Gracie I don’t know her.  Mom and Elizabeth talked about Gracie they said she runs she likes to chase rabbits she likes snow and being unruly I would like to play with Gracie.  Mom and Elizabeth and Gracie used to live in Illinois near each other they miss each other.  Gracie goes on a kayak and hikes.  I like to hike.  I don’t know kayak what is that?  Gracie could be the state dog of California she is very cute but she got in trouble at her hiking class I like that.  I get in trouble all the time.  After we went to the river, we came home and Mom and Elizabeth talked and talked and talked they said they had not seen each other in two and a half years a very long time.  At midnight, Mom took me out to do my business I ran.  I ran and my leash broke and I was free it was a beautiful warm night I went to see my friends.  Mom was upset she said I scared her I was sorry but only a little sorry because I saw Daisy 2 and Esa and Sam next door and the moon was out we ran.  Mom said she could not go to bed until I got home I made her worry but I came back it was not that long.   It was a good day I slept on Elizabeth’s floor.

Gracie of CA

Gracie of CA

Elizabeth can fly she flew back to California all by herself.  My Mom and Dad cannot fly, they walk I did not know any people could fly.  I wonder if Gracie can fly?  I want to fly, I run.  Mom said she just saw this picture of Gracie on Facebook with a dirty face.  I get dirty face too I might love Gracie.

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