My big dog teeth came in, they are white and strong and I can bite harder it is impressive.  I like that.  I like to try out my big dog teeth.  Last night Mom and Dad both had to take something out of my mouth it took two I am strong and handsome.

Tonight before supper Daddy let me out to do my business I ran away to the creek.  I stayed gone I got in trouble.  I could hear Dad whistle and call “Takoda, come!” and “Takoda, treat!” but I did not do that I did not care.  I was in the creek it felt cold to my paws I like that I like mud.  Then I found something special; smelly, special, old meat.  It was most of a deer I liked it.

Dad kept calling me I was busy I did not want to listen.  But it was supper time I went home I brought it with me.  Dad said, “Takoda, is that a snake?”  I ran.  He followed me it was a game I ran.  I ran out to the field around the circle.  Dad came he yelled at me to give him the snake it was not a snake I ran.  Dad said I could not make him run, I tried he did not run he said stop I ran.

I ran to the house, Dad said “TAKODA DROP IT!”  I did not drop it Dad finally got my collar.  “Takoda that stinks drop it!”  I ran.  Dad caught the leg he had the hoof he said it was gross I pulled on it I liked it but it did smell. Dad took the leg from me he made me go in the house I smelled bad.  I was very dirty he said I stunk he said stay off the couch don’t move.  I could tell Dad was mad or disgusted.  Mom was at a meeting, Dad said “Wait ’til your Mom gets home bad dog.”  I found the leg of a dead fawn in the creek I liked it, It smelled bad it was mine.  I brought it home Dad said it was very, very gross.  It was not gross it was MINE but Dad took it he did not like it on his hands he washed his hands.

Mom came h20140305-081628.jpgome she had food in a bag she said it was from meeting, I wanted it Dad made me SIT TAKODA.  He said to Mom, “Wait until you hear this, he smells awful.”  Mom heard the story then she said it smelled bad in our house it was me.  Dad said I had to get in the tub I don’t like that I did not want the big wind machine like at the Pet Spa.

Mom ran a bath I would not get in, Dad picked up my back Mom picked up my front they put me in the tub Dad scrubbed, Mom scrubbed, Mom wore an apron.  I shivered I did not like it but I was very brave I did not cry.  The water was brown.  Dad had a plastic jug he put water on me a lot I did not like it, but they said I had to BE STILL and get clean.  They said bringing home the stinky fawn leg had CONSEQUENCES.  I don’t like consequences they are foamy and vanilla bean and I did not smell like a dog after consequences.  Mom said I did not have to have consequences it was up to me.  I don’t understand how it is up to me.  Mom laughed at the zig zag hair on my ears.  Image

Then they put me in towels and dried me and I liked that it felt like hugs.  I got to be in front of the fireplace and then I got my supper so maybe consequences are not too bad except for the bath part.  Mom and Dad said I undid the spa day in a big way.  Dad said “What are we going to do with that deer leg?” and Mom said she did not know but she does not want to see the rest of that thing.  I know where it is and I want it but I don’t want consequences especially vanilla.

I got a bone to chew and I am in bed so tired I am damp I have a blanket, Dad said go to sleep NOW.  Image

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2 Comments on “Consequences”

  1. Laura Says:

    Good BOY Takoda!! Good hunter! Helping out the family. You should get treats! ….and a bath! Max smells like piña coladas after his bath. I bet Takoda’s mom would like that!



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