Thpa Day



IMG_0471Thith week, Mom took me hiking at Alexthander Park and on the Rattlethnake Lodge Trail we hiked a lot I was happy.  There were not any rattlethnakes I wath dithappointed by that.  All my puppy teeth have gone, I have big dog teeth in thpots but in thome plathes I have no theeth, juth gumth that hurt.  Altho I ran away for one hour and thcared Mom and Dad.  I wath very muddy and wet when I came back, I don’t know what I did, but I wath tho, tho tired.  Thith week my gumth were bleeding thome.IMG_0474

Mom took me to a dog thpa today I wath thcared.  We went at 1:30, Mom athked when to come back for me they thaid “We will call you, it dependth on how he doeth.” Mom thaid the would prefer to thtay with me, they thaid no, they thaid I wath in good handth.  Mom knew I would be nervouth.  I wath.  I didn’t want Mom to leave, but the did and the thaid “I will be back Takoda, thettle down.”  Then the gave me thome treats and hugged me.  I think the felt guilty for leaving me, but the wanted me to be all clean and handthome.  There wath a little gate between the front door and another before the thpa, Mom put me in the little room I did not like it when the left.

I heard them talking, they thaid I was going to get a Paw-dicure and a fathial, then I would get my undercoat removed, thith thcared me to death becauth I didn’t know what my undercoat wath.  I didn’t know what a Paw-dicure or a fathial was either.  I wath hoping thingth would not hurt.  My gumth hurt.

When Mom left, the ladieth at the Pet Thpa took me back to the room.  They put thmelly thtuff on my fathe and rubbed my fathe real thlow, it felt good I felt better.  Then they mathaged my pawth and they thanded them down thmooth like I wath a houth dog like I don’t need tough padth but I do.  They cut my clawth and thanded them, too.  Then they wathed me with thoap I did not like that one bit they thcrubbed my whole body, I didn’t even know them they touched my whole body.  Then they got a big mathine with wind and thprayed my body with it, I was crying and thaking, I thought they would kill me and they took my undercoat with a bruth with thome kind of thaver thing in it the pile of fur was huge I thought I would be naked I cried.  They thaid I would not thed ath much in the thpring without my undercoat I don’t like what they did to me.


The ladieth worked thlow in my opinion, I wath at the Pet Thpa for three hourth way too long.  There wath a Labradoodle there I liked him but hith breed name is dumb.  I wath THO glad when Mom came back to get me.  I barked and jumped and barked and jumped and I wath tho exthited!!!  Mom put my leath on, the paid the ladieth the made a fathe when the paid them.  We went outthide tho I could do my buthiness.  Mom thaid I wath beautiful and thiny and I wath a handthome GOOD BOY.  I like that.

IMG_0533We got in the car I went to thleep in 5 thecondth becauthe I wath thtrethed out.  I do look real, real good.  The puppy nexth door ith going to thwoon when the theeth me.  I got a thcarf with airplaneth and trainth on it, it wath thtupid, Mom took it off becauthe I wath chewing on it.  I hope I never go to the Thpa again but I heard Mom and Dad talking, they thaid I will.  I hope they forget I will thtay cleaner tho they forget.

When we got home we went to the top of our hill, Mom and Dad had treeth taken out becauth we are getting a new houth thoon.  There were big, big pileth of thawduth and I forgot about thtaying clean I ran up and rolled down the thawduth.  Mom thaid I undid the Thpa I did not I may be thcarred for life but the thaid I am not going back any time thoon I am tho happy!


Mom thaid if a lot of people like thith thtory and thare it the will let me have my own blog tho I can write a lot more the will let me uthe her laptop.  I like that.

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