You Have Gone TOO FAR



My puppy teeth are coming out Mom thaid that ith good, but it makth me talk funny.  I have big dog teeth and puppy teeth now they are mixthed up and I have to chew thingth.  I did dethtruction three timth thith week and today Mom thaid, “TAKODA, YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR.”  

I thought I wath going to obedienth training lath week, but the lady canthIMG_0103eled it becauth it thnowed and the thchools were clothed.  Mom and I played in the thnow.  I liked that.  But then I got bored tho I did dethtruction.  I wath going to do my dethtruction at obedienth thchool inthead of home but they left me no choith.  I did it at home.  Firth, Mom had to work.  Dad thent her thith picture on hith phone that wath the firth time I got in trouble thith week.


Dad thaid, “I hope you were finithed with thith People Magathine becauth Takoda read it today.”  I only got in a little trouble becauth Mom had already read it.

Then I bit Mom a few timth, that alwayth makth her real mad but I wath bored it wath not my fault.  I leaned on her legth to thay “Leth go out in the thnow” and Mom did not lithen, tho I had to take acthion and I tore her coat tho Mom would go out with me.  Then I bit her panth and tore them.  Mom thaid I was a little thit and if I kept it up my name wath going to be changed to Thit inthead of Takoda.

Today, I woke Mom up really early.  We had quiet time and a treat and I got a tummy rub.  It wath nithe.  Then I got to go outthide to do my buthineth.  I found out the back door was cracked and there wath a bag of trath out on the porch.  I did dethtruction again.  That ith when Mom thaid “TAKODA, YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR!”  Mom took my rib bone away and I had to wait on the deck while Mom cleaned the porch.  Mom said I was an ath-hole.  I think the coffee groundth were the real problem, they didn’t want that bread or thoth bonth.


Dad made ribth for the Thuper Bowl and I did not get any but I found them tho I helped mythelf.  I got in trouble.

Mom thaid they better not canthel my clath thith week, becauth I am dithobedient and a trouble-maker.  But Mom altho thaid I am very, very cute and that workth in my favor and altho my gumth hurt.  Mom and Dad laugh at me after they get mad.  I have heard them talk, I am adorable and cute and funny and thweet-natured, tho I get away with thom thingth.  My gumth hurt now.

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One Comment on “You Have Gone TOO FAR”

  1. Sister Says:

    Obedienth thcool can’t come too soon! Good thing Takisha ith tho cute!



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