Mystery Solved :(



IMG_7894Our new puppy Takoda found little Snapdragon’s body a few days ago.  She was frozen in the snow, just over our neighbor’s property line.  Snapdragon was well-preserved, with feathers missing from the back of her broken neck.


Coincidentally, John and I visited said neighbor last weekend.  Just so happens he has a big dog, an adopted Husky.  He mentioned that he “saved him, the previous owners were going to shoot him because he killed their chickens.”  Also happens that Snapdragon was in the same spot where we found our beloved kitty Rascal dead, with dog fur in his claws.  Hmmmm.  This country life is rough sometimes.

I am very glad Clara Barton and Sweet Pea are safe at High Gate Farm.


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3 Comments on “Mystery Solved :(”

  1. Jennifer Richardson Says:

    Glad at least you know. Life can be harsh, can’t it.
    Thanks for the update and big love to all the living things
    there in the skyland you’re making home.
    I’m so glad you’re near family and not in the Midwest
    this winter! Keep up the good work with your wonderdog:)



  2. Pat and Terry Says:

    Mary we are so sorry that your little Snapdragon came to such a sad
    end. We know how much you loved your chickens, and it is a shame
    your little friends have endured such cruel situations.



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