Big, Fat, Chicken Tears



That is what I have been crying.  My showy little Sumatra, Snapdragon got eaten a couple of weeks ago.  😦  RIP Snap.  We miss your bitchy ways and your beautiful paint job.  IMG_8736

Then poor Clara Barton came home with a draggy wing and feathers missing from the back of her neck.  She recovered, but the predator was honed in on my birds.  One night we came home and Sweet Pea was nowhere to be found, red Clara was on the top step of the front porch in a panic.  I put Clara in the coop and Sweet Pea turned up the next morning, okay, but clucking and fussing up a storm about something.20130930-212617.jpg

I made the decision to take my girls to Highgate Farm to live with 45 other birds, safe in a large pen with a big rooster and a guard dog to protect them when they are let out.  It was just a matter of days before the worst happened here, since they free-range and I don’t have a pen for them, and our insane puppy is yet to be of help.  He wants to chase the birds, not the predators!

John and I packed up Sweet Pea and Clara and took them to the farm.  If anyone had ever suggested I might cry over a chicken, I would have laughed at them.  Cry, I did.  Big, fat, chicken tears.  I miss the silly girls and their antics, miss them running up to my car when I come home.

Sweet Pea the Snake Eater

Sweet Pea the Snake Eater

At least they’re alive.  And when I took Takoda to the farm to play with Kelly dog yesterday, chubby little black and white Sweet Pea came running up to me.  (Which of course caused me to cry on the way home.)  Over a chicken!  What the???

John and Melissa, our farmer friends, gave me 2 dozen eggs to bring home, so we won’t run out in the immediate future.  I know they take very good care of their animals, and the birds will get fresh greens from their farm.

For the record, the great chicken experiment is NOT over.  Once we build our new house, there will be a chicken pen going up…


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