Ruckus and Reward


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On Thursday morning, I noticed Snapdragon and Clara Barton in the front yard.  Their ring leader Sweet Pea was nowhere to be found.  Then I heard a ruckus in the side yard and panicked – it was Sweet Pea in distress!  My first thought was “Damn it, I am going to be late for work.”  My second thought was “Predator!”


I ran to the side yard where the chicken coop is.  Sweet Pea was in the coop, nestled in the wood shavings and making a fuss.  She had backed up against the wall of the coop, obviously agitated.  I talked to her for a minute, then petted her.  She settled down a bit, then suddenly hopped up and trotted down the ramp like everything was fine.  The other girls came running over and off they went, normal as can be.  I took off work and yes, I was late because of a chicken.  Again.  I asked John to check on the girls in a bit just to make sure all was well.


An hour later, I got a text from John with this photo, captioned, “It’s a girl!”  Sweet Pea laid her first egg!  I could hardly wait to get home to see it!

It’s small and brown.  She laid another egg on Friday and another today.  Thus far, she lays precisely at noon.  She waddles up the ramp into the coop about 11:40 and gets settled in her shavings.  She makes a lot of racket and wiggles her back-end around for a while.  I look in and pet her, she doesn’t seem to mind.  At 12 sharp, she stands up, ruffles her feathers, walks down the ramp and demands a treat for her efforts.  She gets it, of course.  Grapes to refresh her, and Greek yogurt for calcium.  And I take the egg.  She does not care at all that I remove each egg from the nest.  Today the little egg was still hot from her body when I picked it up.  Once she lays the egg, she goes about the business of foraging as though nothing has happened.

IMG_8509Here is a picture of her first three eggs, with a cherry on top so you can tell how small the eggs are.  From what I am reading, the eggs will gradually increase in size until they are of normal proportion.  I haven’t cracked one yet, still marveling at my little Egg Plant and its production line.

By the way, the pretty bowl is from Mangum Pottery in Weaverville.  It was a gift after I manned the booth for the Weaverville Art Safari a while back.  Nice pay, don’t you think?

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2 Comments on “Ruckus and Reward”

  1. beruriah01007 Says:

    Congratulations! So exciting!



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