Literary Chicken and Other Updates

IMG_8084Sweet Pea has taken a liking to Clyde Edgerton.  I was outside reading, and set my book down to do something else.  She quickly took possession.  After perusing the cover of my book, she flew up into my lap, then my shoulder for the first time.  She is aptly named, she is a real sweetie.  Always running up to greet me and following me around.  Of course, I offer the snacks, so it’s not all chicken love.  (Only my sister’s birds are more spoiled.)   The birds have found my big clay pots on our deck to be easy pickings for snacks.  When I am away at work, they find their way onto the deck and dig in the post.  I think my Caladiums are dead.  The Celosia was pulled up, but John found it and replanted it, so it’s perking up.  They’ve managed to sit on the irises and primrose, which is not the end of the world, it’s spent for the season anyway.  Chickens are cute, friendly, and as it turns out, destructive on occasion.  I can live with that if someone will LAY AN EGG ALREADY.  I believe Snapdragon will begin to lay any day now.  Sweet Pea and Clara Barton are 4-6 weeks younger, so probably July before they produce a breakfast for us.   I become less patient each day, because I know how good these eggs will taste.

Today, John and I met my sister Dana, sister-in-law Cindy, and my parents for lunch.  John and I had a 13th anniversary this week, Dana and Paul a 12th, and Mom and Dad… sixty-four years of wedded bliss.   We were all at this restaurant called Magnolia Ray, over in Woodfin.  Dana sent me a text and said she’d be a few minutes late.  When I announced that, Mom asked why and I said I didn’t know.  John said, “Whatever it is, you can bet it’s chicken related.”  Fifteen minutes later Dana arrived and the first words out of her mouth, “Sorry I’m late, I have a chicken who isn’t feeling well.”  By the way, lunch was excellent.  If you’re in the Asheville area, check it out!IMG_8097


My old boy cat Amos has a new acquaintance/toy.  I am not sure who is more curious about whom.   This is either a black rat snake or a black racer, not sure which, but he’s friendly enough.  I hope Mr. Slithers does not like chicken eggs.  He is about 4′ long and let Amos tap at his back a couple of times before he got irritated and hissed at us.  I grabbed Amos up and took him for a stroll then.  No need to push Mr. Slither’s buttons.  He is handsome though, isn’t he?  I do like snakes!

The raised beds are planted and coming along nicely.  I have tomatoes, okra, corn, beets,


carrots, green beans, arugula, Swiss chard, and squash planted.  Last week, Dana and Paul pulled up some lavender in their yard and I wanted some of it.  Drove over and picked up my lavender shrubs.  They were huge!    We wrestled them into the back of my vehicle and only 4 would fit at one time.  The root balls were wet and heavy.  When I got home, I dug 4 holes on a very steep hill behind the house.  I dragged these monsters up that hill and got them planted.  I almost fell down the hill a couple of times.  Slid out of my shoes once.  The job is done and they look great.  The largest plant looks droopy, I sure hope it survives.  I am not sure I have it in me to drag another 40 pound dirt ball 10 feet up a 45 degree hill.  I’ll cut them back hard after they bloom  this summer and hope for the best.

So what else is new?  The family will be over for a birthday party Saturday night.  I have decided to make carnitas, red cabbage and jicama slaw, black beans, yellow rice, tortillas, and salsa fresca.  Correction: I am not making tortillas, merely heating them up.   Dana, Paul, and my Dad all have June birthdays.  I am looking forward to the party!

Tuesday, Dana and I fly off to Santa Cruz for our nephew’s graduation.  I get to see my big brother Robert, his wife Karen, my nephews Neal and Jonathan, Karen’s parents Jack and Carmen.  So glad, I miss them all terribly.  And my long time BFF Elizabeth is flying up from San Diego to spend time with us!  Wheeeee!  We’re all going to San Francisco Thursday, and to Sonoma for wine tasting Friday.  Between my 2.5 jobs and getting veggies planted, I am ready for a little vacation.

When I return, I’ll be visiting a huge lavender farm, should be in full bloom. Also, John and I are thinking about renting some goats to help us clear land.  That could be fun.

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