Night Magic

It’s late.  I just went out to the chicken coop to make sure the girly birds were locked in for the night.  I carried a flashlight, John says it’s time to watch for and be respectful of bears.  Probably so, we had a mama and three cubs hanging around last summer.  I peeked into the coop, 3 hens accounted for, slid the door shut.  The hens made their sweet little sleepy peeps.

As I turned back toward the house, a hundred lightning bugs flickered, tiny green lights against the hill.  First show of the year.  I stopped to watch and listen for a few minutes.  Only a star or two peeking through the clouds, a hint of moonlight.  Night birds, frogs.  Crickets.  Light breeze, a puff from the wings of a moth.

Night magic.

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