A Little Biddy Bit

LOOK WHAT WE ARE GETTING!  We are beginning to build the dream, a little biddy bit at a time.  See that chick with the black and white wings?  That’s our new Plymouth Barred Rock. (The others belong to my sister.)

barred rock

See that little bald eagle?  She’s coming to live with us too, along with two iridescent siblings.  I hope at least three of them are hens!

my little eagle

 Stay tuned.  Between this, spring planting and our adopted killer kitten, Rory Gallagher, things are going to get interesting.


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2 Comments on “A Little Biddy Bit”

  1. Looking Out The Window Says:

    Those three together will be fully of challenges I would guess. Good luck. love the kitten face, wonderful photo.



  2. Mary Ward Logsdon Says:

    Yes, I expect a contest of wills… good thing that kitten is so cute!



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