Cake Walk!

Tonight John and I went to my sister Dana’s house for dinner before attending a concert.  Mom and Dad brought Luella’s BBQ from Asheville.  Our friend’s daughter Kate was there, as well as my sister-in-law Cindy.  We had a glass of wine and ate, then some of us went out to The Depot in Marshall, North Carolina to see the Harris Brothers play and sing.  We got one heck of a lot of music for the price… and a CAKE WALK!

First, the music.  I had never heard of these Harris Brothers, but my sister and brother-in-law Paul told us they were incredible musicians.  They weren’t kidding.  Reggie and Ryan Harris, from Lenoir, N.C. are decidedly two of the best musicians we’ve heard.  (We are so lucky to live 10 minutes from The Depot and the Madison County Arts Council!)  The Harris Brothers brought a few local guests on stage during the evening.  A young songbird, Holly Rice did one number.  Andy Buckley, an up and coming singer/songwriter did a couple of original numbers that were really nice.  Then our favorite local, Laura Boosinger took the stage with the Harris Brothers, followed by Steve Davidowski who joined them on soprano sax, then tenor.  Let me tell you, I fully expected Reggie Harris’ guitar strings to burst into flame.  I swear those guitar strings were smoking.  And Ryan is one heck of a bass player with a VOICE.  He seemed as comfortable and accomplished covering George Jones as he did singing traditional and rock.  But the blues… he nailed the blues!   The brothers harmonized beautifully, as family members often do.  They were funny, too.

photo (6)

AND there was a CAKE WALK.  For those poor souls who did not grow up participating in cake walks:  There are numbers on the floor in a circle. You pay your 2 dollars and get in line. When the music starts, you walk around the number circle in the line until the music stops. Then a number is picked and called out – if you stopped on that number, you win a cake!  As my friend Brent says, “It’s musical chairs with a pay off!”

Me and Mama

Tonight, one had the chance to win either Laura Boosinger’s or Pat Franklin’s homemade cake.  Our friend Mary Eagle won Laura’s cake and Mayor Ponder of Marshall won Pat’s.  Mama won a Harris Brothers CD and 2 tickets to see Laura Boosinger and Josh Goforth on April 6th at The Depot.   An excellent non-cake prize on an excellent night.

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4 Comments on “Cake Walk!”

  1. Laura Machin Says:

    Looked like a fun night! Loved seeing the picture of you and “Mom”!



  2. Rod Bowling Says:

    Nice write-up, Mary. it WAS a great night for music in a setting that truly is a throw-back in time. One slight correction: That’s Andy Buckner who sang a couple of his originals. He is a Madison County native who is trying to make it in the singer-songwriter world.



  3. Mary Kilburn Says:

    Sounds DELIGHTFUL. Thanks for the photo of you and Dot, who still looks like her cute self. I remember when I emulated her haircut – can’t do that anymore.



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