Frank Morgan, American Cowboy


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I saw on Facebook tonight that Frank Morgan of Marengo, Illinois passed away recently. I met Frank and Fran of Q7 Ranch this past Labor Day. Frank took the time to saddle up a horse for me and spend 4 hours teaching me all about grass fed beef, his delightful blue politics, and his plan for the Q7 Ranch. I was so impressed that I wrote a three part article and corresponded with him to get the details just right. Frank pursued a dream of raising grass fed cattle during “retirement” and was making significant entry into the restaurant scene in the Chicago area with Q7.

Speaking from very recent personal experience; when a family member is taken from you, it is important to live in the happiness, the love, unique gifts that person had to offer. The way that person pursued their passions, loved their family, gave back…. That is where the focus should be. It is inevitable that unfinished business will plague someone, cause an internal struggle, pull at a heart or psyche. But the love is the most important thing.

I picture this particular cowboy riding sunbaked, happy, watching over a deserving herd. Crossing creeks, squinting into the sun, reveling in the moonrise…

I hope that is where Frank Morgan’s family will find him… I hope they can go out to the pasture under a full moon and meet him there and say goodbye. Maybe have a little campfire, a toast, glasses raised in the flickering light, ashes sprinkled if it is what has been chosen.

The cowboy will ride away, heart full, looking back over his shoulder. He will see the moon glance off the water, the love in their eyes, the bond… They will see Frank’s love for them in his eyes… and this last glance will give them a little something to keep forever.

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10 Comments on “Frank Morgan, American Cowboy”

  1. Jennifer Richardson Says:

    beautiful, Mary……beautiful tribute.
    thanks for reminding me
    yet again
    to embrace love now,
    live now,
    be here now.



  2. Laura Machin Says:




  3. John Logsdon Says:

    They always say an artist has to suffer to become good at their craft. Well after the last 5 months I think your writing has moved up a notch. The American Cowboy tribute is as heartfelt a piece of writing I have ever read. You earned your stripes. Love you John.



  4. John Reid Says:

    Very nice tribute Mary, I remember your article about Q7 Ranch and felt like I got to know him. Nice job.



  5. carla roberts Says:

    just beautiful..frank morgan is my brother and you got it just right.



  6. Amanda Morgan Says:

    I just found this post and think that I was meant to today. I am one of Frank’s daughters and each day the emotions are varied. Today is a tough one and reading this tribute brought me some peace so thank you. Dad told me a lot about your visits to the pasture; I know that he ejoyed spending the time with you.



    • mentalfarmer Says:

      Amanda, I know how you feel. My little brother died a few days after I met your Dad, and now I never know when the universe will dump a load of grief on me and mine. Happens in this strangest times and places. I find it touching that this post brought you a little comfort. It probably means your Dad is closer than you think. Take care….



  7. Chris Damilatis Says:

    I was thinking of Frank from the moment I awoke today, and was very happy to this tribute to him. Thank you for this wonderful thoughts. Frank was a special man. A cowboy to some, husband, father, sibling,and friend to others. We are all however blessed to have know such a special person. Our wonderful memories will last forever and we will always keep him near and dear to our hearts.



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