About That Christmas List

I did NOT GET ONE SINGLE ANIMAL for Christmas. Not one pig, cow, goat, or sheep. What up? (I did not want a sheep, so that was fine.) Otherwise, what up? No one had $800 lying around to buy me an impractical pet???

I guess this means I will save a boatload of money on animal food, fencing, and vet bills… I am good with it, besides being slightly depressed about waiting another year for a Belted Galloway. Stay tuned for the Belted Galloway fundraiser…

Here is what I DID get:

A fabulous dinner with my family, at my sister’s house, on Christmas Eve FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 25 YEARS. Oh, how PRECIOUS!

My handsome husband, John, and his adaptability to a new life. Just being here.

Time with my beautiful nieces, Samantha and Kady, and their Mom, Cindy.

A cool birdhouse.

Hugs from my Daddy and Mama.

An altimeter. Fun toy for mountain life!

A pretty bracelet.

A gift certificate for a hot stone massage. 🙂 Yippee!

A visit and hug with Janette and Ernie, whom I enjoy very, very much.

A family membership to the Madison County Arts Council. (Hurrah!)

Two, way-above-average pairs of socks. This is not a joke. They are excellent.

An impromptu sing-a-thon with Laura Boosinger and her friend Eric, who is apparently the Queso Grande over at the Madison County Arts Council. The sing-a-long included cheesy classics like:
-Ode to Billy Joe
-Harper Valley PTA
-Roly-poly (sic)
-Rolling Stones classics

I got to give my brother-in-law Paul a shimmery Hello Kitty hat, which he felt secure enough to wear. (What EVER)

Anyway, aside from some unavoidable weeping about our John Ward, it was a special holiday.

Hope yours was, too!

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One Comment on “About That Christmas List”

  1. Laura Boosinger Says:

    It was splendid darling…and I for one am looking for a belted Galloway for you…or one of those Scottish cows!



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