I may have to go all steam-of-consciousness for a while…

That is about all I have time to do – stream of consciousness. I have not lost interest in local farms. In fact, I may be living in the highest concentration of them in the eastern half of the country. I am more interested than ever! But a wee break is in order… I hope you will stay with me until I resume lying on my belly in the dirt to study tender greens, trying duck eggs and raw milk, taking goat-rearing classes, and sitting in a poison garden again.

Most of you know my little bro’ died, and that I reacted by convincing my little family to move 750 miles on short notice. Lucky for me, John is one loving, tolerant fellow, somewhat open to adventure; so he leaped with me. Hurrah! I get to see my family regularly now. Hooray! I am ever so grateful. The hills are soft and blue and welcoming, the weather mild. Yeah! (Although I did bust my ass on some slippery steps today… Snow flurries with a side of irony, anyone?)

I have a new job that is requiring a fair amount of time. I am mucho grateful for this opportunity. After a 25 year hiatus, I returned to the wacky world of restaurant business. It suits my teensy-weensy little attention span. Everything I encounter each day is new, a shape shifting challenge. I feel a bit like an infant, learning to talk and walk simultaneously. (I sleep better than a baby, though.) And Jack of Hearts has remarkable potential. I can feel it. Really. I am thrilled to be a part of this neighborhood venture!

I have met 150 people in the past 3 weeks and am trying to recall their names and a little something more about each of them. I am fumbling through a new computer system, that I WILL conquer. I am developing relationships with 20 co-workers; assessing who needs what training, who needs me in their daily business, who doesn’t. (I like this team, for the record.)

I am taking inventory, thinking about reducing expenses, and trying to balance daily sales receipts. I am learning local liquor laws, ordering processes, and watching over 20 holiday events so far. I am learning a menu, local flavor, getting used to working in a music venue. Getting a feel for the identity of this sweet little town and they want from us. Trying to get my brain around everyone’s work schedule options, figure out what I am responsible for, and beer…

Did I mention beer? It’s no secret, I like beer. I know I like hoppy beer. I know I like “big” beer flavors, I don’t drink that crappy, mass produced stuff. I like a stout now and again. I like IPAs and I don’t prefer lagers. I know nothing of porters. Do I understand the process of creating them? Not so much… Lots to learn about flavor, ingredients, processes and subtleties… But that is one homework assignment I can embrace with enthusiasm and dedication. I will study hard! I will make the Beer City proud before it’s over!

All that said, I may not have time to visit a farm in the immediate future, but I will find time to write a bit here and there and to plan my spring farm visits. I miss my farmer chats and soil smells and animals very much.

On the other hand, I got the new “Hobby Farms” magazine this week, and we ARE sitting on 22 acres, so who knows?

What is happening in your world?

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5 Comments on “I may have to go all steam-of-consciousness for a while…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I first have to say that I love reading your musings…whether it be about farm visits or just your raw emotions – you are captivating. Second, I need to tell you just how courageous you are…stepping out of your comfort zone to follow a completely new path – when most chose to stay in the warmth of what they know…The circumstances that brought you to this new and exciting place in life were so painful and left an emptiness that i cannot begin to imagine but you chose to move forward and follow your heart – And for that you will be rewarded in ways you never imagined.

    Big hugs and lots of love



  2. Laura Machin Says:

    Mary, I’m getting brewing vides from your words….Will the be a Jack of Hearts brew coming? Now that will interesting, too!
    I had no doubt you would pick up and change your life when it was time, but still, I’m proud you. But I am super proud of your John! He left all his life long buddies, family and the house he loves! He put all his trust in you that this was the right direction and he never let on how terrifying it must have been for him! Our two are a fabulous couple and Jim and I love you bunches!
    I love being on a big learning curve as you are now! It really is a wonderful way to reinvent yourself, so enjoy!
    Much love, Laura



  3. Mary Kilburn Says:

    Take your time. We’ll wait – eagerly.
    P.S. My web site is having “troubles” at the moment but should be back up soon.



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