On the Move

MOVING INVOLVES A GREAT DEAL OF EFFORT.   The LIST plays in an endless loop in one’s head. 

  • Change address with 5 million companies.  How is it possible to have conducted business with so many corporations who don’t believe that I am me or that I am moving?  Who are THEY?
  • Pack clothes.  Keep the last size of jeans?  Yes, I might some day be that size again.  Maybe.  I hope.  Must hike after moving.  Fat now.  Keep jeans as show of faith in oneself.
  • Nice email from sister, can’t wait to be closer.  Also like thought of tormenting her husband with cat gifts more often.  Sweet.
  • Party with handsome husband, celebrate nerve-wracking decision. 
  • Snap at same handsome husband over some inane crap.
  • Worry.  (Name a worry, I am mulling it over in my sleep.)
  • Visit web sites related to new town.  Happy!
  • Set up online bill paying.  This is not unlike applying for a mortgage 90 times or stabbing oneself in the eye with ballpoint pen.
  • Pack more clothes.  Where did they all come from?
  • Find and purchase interim catostrophic health insurance policy with menacingly large deductible.  Note: Must not break arm or leg or need surgery between 11/10 and 11/15.
  • Talk to sister-in-law.  Excited!
  • Talk to nieces.  More excited!
  • Get teeth cleaned, possibly for last time.  Ever.  Forgot to ask about dental insurance.
  • Meet with real estate agent.  Hope she doesn’t see cat vomit in closet. 
  • Grow withdrawn and slightly nauseous for two hours.  (I like real estate agent.  Realize I will miss house.  Sad.  Will not miss winter.  Cheered.)
  • Notice new kitten-y squeal in vehicle I must drive 700 miles packed solid with belongings. 
  • Develop first eye twitch.
  • Party with 35 girlfriends and Mom, hosted by most awesome adopted sister.  Major spirit lift!
  • Pack pottery with Mom.
  • Pack glassware. 
  • Go to work for a week longer than I should.  Try not to panic.
  • Develop second eye twitch thinking of 11 hours in car with two yowling cats.  And kitten-y squeal.  Earplugs?
  • Party with neighbors, friends, and family.  Sluggish.
  • Make lists I don’t use.  Forget stuff.  A lot of stuff.  Important stuff.  I think.  Not sure.  Can’t remember.
  • Pack books.
  • Pack art supplies.
  • Party with cats.  They are nervous about the packing, so I stop.
  • Party with self.  Get in hot tub with wine.  Anything to avoid packing. 
  • Look around and realize what is left to do in four days.  Churning gut.  More wine.
  • Visit old friends and chill.  Get excited about new life.  Drink lots of water for a change.
  • Talk on phone with soon-to-be-boss.  Feel better about new job.
  • Develop “knife in shoulder blade” pain I associate with computer use and stress.  Use computer more and stress more.  Does not help.
  • Get excited about new life by focusing on 5 days out.
  • Write instead of packing.  Stay up too late. 

Stay tuned.


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12 Comments on “On the Move”

  1. David Says:

    Love that jeans comment. Do they shrink while being stored? I think that mine do. You will be just fine. Need help? Just call.



  2. LP Machin Says:

    Oh, boy…5 days out…So I am SOOO happy for everyone in NC, but geeeez…..Don’t worry about me!!!! I’ll be OK. I guess. And NO, I’m not pouting AGAIN…
    Leave some important stuff behind, will you? Then you’ll have to come up to get them….Just a thought.



  3. Janet Wellman Says:


    I am David’s wife, Janet. The one who is jealous of your guts to set out on a new adventure. I just want to cheer you on. Good luck!



  4. Dana Says:

    It’s true about the jeans. They can even shrink while sitting in your very own dresser drawer!
    I am the mental farmer’s sister and can’t wait till she is here in N.C.!!!



  5. John Reid Says:

    I remember the move to Elderwood over 4 years ago. But was so glad I did. Would never leave now. Just get lots of acreage and storage buildings. Then you don’t have to throw anything away. Good luck and have a good trip. I know where to get a cold beer if in your area and you guys know where to get one if you come to California.



    • mentalfarmer Says:

      Don’t you DARE tell my man about the storage. We’d just fill it up. And nothing would be more fun than seeing John and Alice Reid walk through the door at Jack of Hearts.



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