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I love pumpkins and gourds.  They must be the most cheerful things on Earth.  Fields of soybeans lit up by sunset aren’t bad, either.  John and I made a quick trip out to Wiltse’s in Maple Park this afternoon to begin our pumpkin shopping.  (Notice, I said begin pumpkin shopping…)  We met some cute little goats with deliciously soft wool, too.

But the pumpkins…  I am a pumpkin addict.  I need pumpkins.  LOTS of them.  In all shapes, colors, and sizes.   I like little ones, big ones, striped, spotted, mottled, and bumpy.  Smooth, ghostly gray, white, orange.  Gourds of all shapes and sizes.  I like them piled up, stacked on top of one another, in a row, on the porch, in my office, on the table.  I like them in the sun, tucked among plants, in a pile over the well head, on the kitchen counter, the patio wall.   Happiness is a sun warmed pumpkin.  We started our shopping today…. two more weeks until Halloween…  Who KNOWS how many pumpkins I will have by then?  And a goat?  Maybe??

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6 Comments on “Pumpkins!!!”

  1. Laura Machin Says:

    I love pumpkins too! Great pictures!



  2. EC Says:

    All these years I’ve known you and I never knew about your thing for pumpkins…or gourds. I don’t know that I’ve ever bought a halloween pumpkin but I just might do so this year in honor of the Mental Farmer!



  3. Matthew Says:

    Great Pictures. Thank you for sharing.



  4. Dorothy Ward Says:

    Yes, Mary! More, more, more pumpkins! Keep sending us lovely images, as we need all we can get. Love, Dorothy Matilda Eubanks Ward



  5. Jennifer Richardson Says:

    I love your new header and colors! Oh happy Fall!
    And the pumpkins…..I feel the same way about the beauties.
    Some day I will have a pumpkin patch to tend.
    Until then, I’ll support those farmers who haul them from the fields
    and give them homes with me:)
    love your pics….thanks for the share,



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