Gorgeous Heirlooms

Words don’ t do these beauties justice.  The flavor sends me over the edge.
Top left is my cracked Black Prince.  These get about 3″ big and are green and red outside, but deep red to black inside.  Black Prince is soft, not that pretty to look at, and super flavorful and juicy.  Add a splash of balsamic vinegar and white truffle oil and they are outrageously delicious!
Big, yellow, blushing, round tomatoes are Mr. Stripey.  These fruits are 6″ across and heavy.  Very sweet, low acid, beautiful to look at.  One slice covers a piece of whole grain bread.  Add a little mayonnaise, salt, and pepper for the perfect summer sandwich.
The long red tomatoes are labeled Cherokee Purple, but I don’t think that is what they are.  Some are shaped like long peppers, more like Jersey Devils.  These have very little liquid in them – they’re all meat, firm, and sweet like a cherry tomatoe.  These are excellent in salads and sauces.
These heirlooms have produced more than I expected them to.  Chipmunks ate about 1/3 of them and I am still picking 30 tomatoes per week from 6 plants.  I’ll be saving seeds for next year!


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5 Comments on “Gorgeous Heirlooms”

  1. Jennifer Richardson Says:

    oh wow (drool)…..as gorgeous as any flower.



  2. LP Machin Says:

    Great idea to save the seeds for next year! They all look so yummy. Jim is going to get the truffle oil you talk about. He loved your tomato salad the other night! Learning from my friend Mary!!



  3. Mary Kilburn Says:

    Your letter to John left us all sobbing, again. Thank you for giving us words for unbearable grief, a stranger to none.



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