Goat Song, by Brad Kessler

I finished reading this book today, and have 6 things to say as a result:

1.  Go buy or borrow Goat Song, even if you don’t desire goat herding as  a career.  It’s well written: literature, history, cooking, poetry, humor, and pastoral living all rolled into one. 

2.  A goat book made me tear up on three occasions.  Things that make you go “Hmmmm.”

3.  I want a goat for my birthday and I shall be extremely disappointed if I don’t get it.  (I neeeed a goat, baby.  It’s cheaper than sports cars, or a week at spa.  And it keeps on giving.  I’ll make mozzarella.  I need a goat bad.)

4.  Cheese is way more complicated than you realize, fellow townies.  If you buy cheese from the big chain stores, read this book.  The intricacy of the human and bacterial  life involved in creating wheels of cheese will surprise you.  Especially the tomme.

5.  I do not wish to become a monk or a nun.  Or live in a cave in austerity.  Or have my life become one long prayer.  This is most likely a tremendous shock for those close to me, but… I do not wish it.

6.  Brad Kessler, you nailed it.  Congratulations.

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8 Comments on “Goat Song, by Brad Kessler”

  1. elclarkchicago Says:

    If John doesn’t get you a goat for your birthday, I will…..I bet my Gracie and your goat would get along famously (my Gracie being part goat her own self)



  2. elclarkchicago Says:

    I ain’t know…especially since I have a 6:45 a.m. flight to Mobile tomorrow (which is why I’m still up – packing, laundry, etc.), but going to bed now so I can get a good 3 1/2 hours sleep. I will be a perky girl tomorrow morning!



  3. Jennifer Richardson Says:

    okay, I’m getting the book:)
    I brought home a goat for Bryan as a wedding present almost 30 years ago.
    I named her Ethel….had notions she’d keep the back yard trimmed
    and keep Oliver, the beagle, company while I was at school.
    Bryan was not amused (had asked for a weed-eater)
    Back she went to the farm.
    I wish I had persisted.
    Can’t wait to read this book….



  4. LP Machin Says:

    Hmmmmm, can you have just one goat?? Won’t he/she be lonely? Doesn’t it take two to make cheese?? Just sayin’…

    Love your comments and I’m SO GLAD you don’t wish to be a Nun. We have too much fun together!



    • mentalfarmer Says:

      1. My chances of becoming a nun are slim and nun. 😉
      2. Goats are herd animals, so unless I want to be #2 in the herd, yes, I need more than one goat.
      3. It takes 3 to make milk. Mama Goat, Stud Goat, Kid. I only have to own Mama Goat, and bottle feed the Kid to keep Mama in milk. Rent smelly boy once a year. See, it’s simple.



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