Strawberry Season



It’s time in Illinois.  Last night after work I stopped by Norton’s Produce on Route 64, west of St. Chuck.  (Article and photos coming soon.)  I picked up strawberries, fresh-picked.  (along with honey, popcorn, tomatoes, and new potatoes) 

I took a salad for lunch today and it was fabulous, cool, and crisp! 

Make it any size you want:

  • a bowl of organic, baby spinach
  • chicken breast from the grill, cold, (left over) and sliced thin
  • organic blueberries
  • crumbled bleu cheese
  • LOTS of fresh strawberries, just picked (John said they were the best strawberries he has ever eaten!)*
  • a bit of bleu cheese dressing
  • pecans (optional)

*These strawberries were the best because they’re grown locally, and they are not bred for travel durability.   They’re good, old-fashioned, a little small, a bit tart while sweet…  They might bruise a little more than the sturdy, starchy, grocery store version…  but, man oh man, they’re tasty!

 These little beauties will not be around for long.  If you’re in the north, go get some this weekend or next!

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6 Comments on “Strawberry Season”

  1. EC Says:

    Do you mean skrawberries?



  2. LP Machin Says:

    Strawberry shortcake! MY FAVORITE! Thanks for the tasty salad recipe!



  3. John Says:

    Sliced up a few Strawberrys to put on my cereal, wow the best ever.



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